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Some of our favorite people and places:

Great Big Sea kings of Canadian Celtic Pop

Tom Lewis If you like songs and stories of the sea, new and old, you'll certainly enjoy Tom's singing, his stories and his recordings. Tom is a 25-year veteran of Her Majesty's Royal Navy, although now he's comfortably located on dry land in British Columbia,

Altan arguably the best purely Irish traditional group today

Old Blind Dogs Prince Charles fave group, Scottish with terrific percussion; now with bagpipes!

Tannahill Weavers the longest running, best traditional Scottish group; the best highland pipe music

Lunasa all instrumental Irish group, Uilleann pipe heaven. Traditional music respun; listen and love them!

Natalie MacMaster THE Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) fiddler

Kate Rusby best folk singer in England, from Yorkshire; Scottish husband John McCusker is a fiddle virtuoso

Dervish terrific newer traditional Irish group

Cherish The Ladies all women - each of them is one of the best Irish musicans in the world

Slainte Mhath from Cape Breton and featuring two of the talented Barra MacNeil clan, a five piece group mixing bagpipes with modern rhythms and driving Cape Breton piano. Must must must.

Boys of the Lough one of the best multi-national Celtic groups of all time, period.

The Fables Newfie group featuring D'arcy Broderick

The Irish Descendants Newfie group with great harmonies and manic pace

Irish Bands Live UK a great place for finding traditional and non-trad artists

Gaelic Storm the Titanic party band; better than the movie is them live and Guinessed

McGinty longtime trio from Halifax, Nova Scotia; maritime faves

Masterless Men great group from the maritime province tradition

Radio Newfoundland listen live online; almost like being on The Rock.

Green Linnet Records a great Celtic record label, large number of artists, with mp3 samples and many whole albums in Real Audio!

Battlefield Band Scottish group with variety of members over 30 years

The Barra MacNeils Cape Breton group; yes they're family, yes they're all great

Flogging Molly Irish/Los Angles group; if you like The Pogues, these guys are better. Dave King can really sing for one and says, "If it didn't have mandolin, accordion, fiddle and whistle, it would be punk-rock, and if it didn't have guitar, bass and drums, it would be traditional Irish music. Flogging Molly has both."

Diana Gabaldon's Official Site the Outland book series author - Sassanach, ya know?

MS Jamie Fraser 1.0 humor for fans of the book series, esp. ladies

Beaner's Central the cool place to hear original music in Duluth. And quite a nice eatery and java. Fine wines and brew, too!

Canadian Celtic Music listing of bands schedules, lists of official websites for bands, music news; a whois, whereis, whatis of anyone remotely Celtic in Canada.

Kittens on Catnip Friends from Thursday sessions music nights at Sir Benedict's in Duluth including Cam's dad, Chuck Butler. Named after the sound of competing slides on the fiddle.

The Free Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia in Scots! Not many articles, but includes a nice Scots to English glossary.

S C Kirkley's Wooden Flutes, Piccolos and Headjoints. Sarah plays one of his wood C flutes.

Albert Alfonso Bodhrans Ben plays his drum. His bodhrans are distinctly dynamic; one of the world's best bodhran makers - top in N.A.

Twin Ports Wind Orchestra This post-collegiate ensemble is dedicated to the performance of the finest literature for the wind band, both old and new. Sarah is the piccolo section. ;)

Greg Hodapp Ashland, WI area musician with musical versatility: highland bagpipes, the mountain dulcimer, whistle, harmonica, concertina, frailing banjo, bodhran or Irish drum, and the 12-string guitar.

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