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UPDATE: St. Patrick's Day! Check our schedule for where to be IRISH (and Scottish) on St. Patrick's Day.


Sassanach is a Duluth, MN group playing mostly traditional Scottish, Irish, and Newfoundland songs. An occasional somber ballad provides relief to the steady stream of drinking songs, fighting songs, and bawdy songs.

Sassanach? What the.... Sassanach? Huh? Wassit mean?

Sassanach (sass eh nak) is a Gaelic word, primarily Scots, mostly derogatory. It means outsider, outlander, or foreigner. It mainly is used describe the English ( = Saxon) at their worst and most despised, so the connotation of the word has come to be a derogatory one.

So? Why use it? Well, it crops up frequently in the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series (we recommend) and we like the original meaning, stripped of historical connotation. It also sounds really good. (Especially after a drink - with a Scots KH on the end!)

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Visit some of our favorite Duluth-Superior places
Carmody Irish Pub - Onsite brewed beers in addition to Guinness, Strongbow, etc with a total of 20 taps. They also have a fine selection of Irish whiskey and Scotch single malt whisky. Our favorite place for playing a session.
Beaner's Central Concert Coffeehouse --- Musician owned, the best support for every genre. Yum... Cheeeeesecake!
Thirsty Pagan Brewing Co - Onsite brewed beers and the best pizza - period.
Fitger's Brewhouse - Unique brews and Lake Superior Views

Chris and Sarah